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10X Marketing: Generating hot leads at scale

R5,900.00 Excl. Vat


28 May 2019


R5,900 (exc VAT)


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If marketing feels too much like a lottery, you need 10X Marketing: a systematic approach to hone in your marketing system to 10X your lead generation.


  • Understanding the essence of strategic marketing
  • How marketing changes when you scale up
  • What are the crucial elements of a high performance marketing engine?
  • How to resource your marketing function as your size and marketing budget changes: when to hire, and when to leverage partners, how much to spend?
  • How to generate a ‘marketing tailwind’ so you get more results for less effort by using the immutable laws of marketing positioning and messaging
  • Navigating the Marketing Tactics labyrinth: how to most quickly and cheaply hone in the tactics most likely to work for you
  • Guerilla marketing tactics for low budget, high impact marketing
  • What to expect from your marketing manager
  • How to build a systematic marketing operation that predictably produces quality leads
  • Top marketing management tools they should use to manage a high impact marketing function
  • The basics of brand management
  • Marketing measurement


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