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10X ecution-Proactively managing performance at scale

R5,900.00 Excl. Vat

DATE 04 April 2019 

DURATION ¾ day: 10am – 6pm

VENUE The Focus Rooms Fee: R5,900 (exc VAT)

Discount: Bring 3 for the price of 2 from the same company

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Get the tools to turn your vortex of chaos into a team and business that performs and thrives at scale.
Focus Areas:

  • How your business will change as you Scale Up, and how your management system needs to change to gear up for your future scale
  • The 8 disciplines of execution
  • How to translate a strategy (long term, big picture goals) into concrete targets for each person
  • How to design scoreboards that engage, to keep the front line focused on   & energised by company priorities on a daily basis
  • How to connect long term strategy to day-to-day activities
  • How to use a Quarterly Cycle to enhance energy & execution
  • A Roadmap for implementing your Execution Management System, step by step, over time
  • A D.I.Y Guide to implementing the 8 disciplines of Execution

Facilitator: JASON GOLDBERG. Entrepreneur, Investor, Scale Up Strategist and Scale Up CEO Partner


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