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Come learn ‘The 12 Disciplines of 10X Entrepreneurs™’ –  the tools and techniques the world’s  greatest entrepreneurial leaders  employ to manage The Path To Scale. 


  • Company lifecycle stages: The stages, dynamics, risks and key success factors
  • Core Growth Challenges: the fundamental dynamics at work creating exponentially growing chaos as you scale, and how that chaos manifests
  • No Man’s Land: how you get there, how you get stuck, and how to get out
  • Company Scale Up transitions: shifts in business management required to Scale Up successfully
  • Leadership Scale Up transitions: shifts in leadership roles required to Scale Up
  • The 12 Disciplines of 10X Entrepreneurs
  • Your Path To Scale X-Ray – ‘locating’ your venture’s greatest constraints to growth
  • Your Path To Scale – your plan to address growth constraints and scale up
  • The 10X-e OS – Putting it all together in an Operating System of  integrated disciplines, rhythms, and  tools for Scale Up management  teams

26 – 28 August 2019


The Capital Hotel, 177 Empire Place, Sandton

R17,500 (exc VAT)