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Nailing your 2018 Strategy to go big – Tip #1

If you’re planning to set strategy & goals for 2018 over the next few months, we’d like to help with some powerful, practical tools and advice. We’ll share a few nuggets of advice and guidelines [...]

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Managing Performance at Scale

If you're awesome, you'll succeed. If you succeed, then you'll grow. As you grow, the scale will change everything and, then, you won't be awesome anymore – unless, that is, you change a lot of [...]

How to Stay Focused and Aligned

The cardinal rhythm for a high growth scale up is the quarterly rhythm. The 90-day cycle is the optimal planning horizon for a few reasons: Planning can be reasonably accurate even in a fast changing [...]

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Top 17 Recruiting Hacks for Scale Ups

(BUILDING AN A-TEAM – PART 2) For Part 1, click here. Our previous post took a rather gloomy look at some of the hidden landmines that sabotage scale ups building an A-team. In this post we share [...]

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Top 10 Hiring Land Mines for Scale Ups (Scaling A-Teams – Part 1)

Great companies become great by combining problems worth solving, amazing people that want to solve them, and a culture that fuels and rewards them. If you’re scaling, talent is nothing short of your bridge to [...]

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